Deputy Director, Global Experience

Location: SIT@Dover
Division: Global Experience
Employment type: Full-time
Job type: Permanent

You will be responsible for engaging and managing strategic partnerships, student mobility with overseas universities, and Industry partners.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Manages efforts in the engagement of overseas university partners, industry partners, and internal stakeholders, from the development to the implementation plans of new initiatives. Conducts detailed analyses on existing and potential partnerships, including strategic, academic, financial and legal aspects to support the institution’s strategic objectives.
  2. In consultation with government agencies, trade associations and industry leaders, provides in-depth analyses of relevant industry sectors and emerging technologies.
  3. Engages overseas university partners on existing and/ or potential initiatives.
  4. Engages in collaborative efforts with overseas university partners, Polytechnics, Industry, government agencies and internal stakeholders.
  5. Engages Management and Divisions to integrate overall plans for SIT.
  6. Manage overseas immersion, overseas exposure, international internship, Overseas Integrated Work-Study Programmes (O-IWSP), and student exchange programmes with overseas university and industry partners.
  1. Degree from a good University with at least 8 years of working experience
  2. Prior experience and understanding of education industry and Singapore government policy-making would be a distinct advantage.
  3. Strong ability to develop and manage working business relationships with overseas university partners, polytechnics, industry and government agencies.
  4. Outstanding analytical, problem solving, critical and lateral thinking skills.
  5. Excellent oral, written, communication and interpersonal skills.
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