Professional Officer (Radiation)

Location: SIT@Dover
Division: Professional Officers
Employment type: Full-time
Job type: Contract

The Professional Officer facilitates SIT’s students learning during hands-on and practical activities such as labs, student projects and IWSP to enhance the students’ technical problem solving skills and increase their preparedness for industry.   

Key Responsibilities
  • Administer RIS/PACS system for teaching purposes.
  • Setup and maintain medical imaging and radiation therapy teaching facilities.
  • Support medical imaging and radiation therapy practical sessions and assessments.
  • When innovation project opportunities arise, participate in the project/s together with faculty and students.
  • Carry out Risk Assessment, and ensure compliance with Work, Safety and Health Regulations in the laboratories.

Job Requirements
  • Have deep, hands-on competence in the operation, usage and/or maintenance of medical imaging and/or radiography equipment.
  • Have at least 3 years of relevant work experience in medical imaging. 
  • Have experience in RIS/PACS administration.
  • Diploma or Degree in Medical Imaging or Radiography from a recognized University.
  • A self-motivated team player and enjoys working closely with student in an educational environment.
  • Professional Officers appointed at senior levels may have managerial responsibilities.
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