Professional Officer (Computer Science/ Computer Engineering) - Project (WZKLS)

Location: SIT@Dover
Division: Professional Officers
Employment type: Full-time
Job type: Contract

The Professional Officer’s primary job scope is to participate in, manage an industry innovation project, and ensure that all project deliverables are met. 
The Professional Officer’s secondary job scope involve facilitating SIT’s students learning during hands-on and practical activities to enhance the students’ technical problem solving skills and increase their preparedness for industry.   

Key Responsibilities
  • Develop innovative solutions to utilize the data science/analysis and Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze online user feedback from social media platforms.
  • Conduct literature review on the data analysis techniques of social media data, especially on short text analysis and recommendation systems.
  • Explore and develop techniques (including, but not limited to Natural language processing, Topic modeling, Sentiment analysis and Machine learning) of analyzing data to generate insight (e.g. patterns, sentiments, trends and prediction) for decision-making purpose.
  • Provide mentoring to students in laboratories and projects.
  • Procure and manage all relevant lab resources and software including carrying out associated risk assessment and ensuring compliance with Work, Safety and Health Regulations in the laboratories.
  • Provide competency supports for SIT in-house projects.
Job Requirements
  • Experience in machine learning, data analysis and/or natural language processing (with 3 or more years of experience preferred).
  • Proficient in programming. Experience in Python, PHP or R are preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in computer science/ engineering related domain, with strong programming skills and quick knowledge leaning capability. PhD or Master degrees are preferred. 
  • Self-motivated team player.
  • Excellent writing, communication and interpersonal skills.
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