Software Engineer (Mobile/Web App Development)

Location: SIT@Dover
Division: CoLEAD
Employment type: Full-time
Job type: Contract (T)

We are looking for a software engineer with a passion for developing a highly interactive cross-platform app for a gamified university student learning platform. We seek individuals who have a strong interest in creating cutting-edge software with their software design and development skills. The prospective engineer will work closely with various stakeholders including students, professors and learning designers to co-develop the learning platform.
We are a team of academics and learning designers who are passionate about creating novel learning experiences to enhance student learning outcomes.

Job Description
  • evaluate various options for cross-platform development (e.g., Xamarin, PhoneGap) that suits our project
  • develop the cross-platform app using Agile development methodologies
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor Degree in a computing-related domain, e.g., Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, etc. Other applicants with equivalent industry experience are welcome to apply too.
  • experience developing interactive web apps using various web programming technologies like javascript, HTML and/or CSS.
  • experience developing native mobile apps in Swift, Obj-C and/or Java using iOS and/or Android frameworks.
  • programming experience in general-purpose programming languages like C/C++, Java and/or Python.
  • knowledge of Agile development methodologies (e.g., Scrum and/or TDD)
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